dalstorage4 downtime

Thursday, March 2, 2017

 02 March 2017  18:49 PM -  We are aware that dalstorage4 is down at the moment. We are currently troubleshooting.  02 March 2017 20:12 PM - We were able to boot the server and we are running fsck on the storage at the moment.  02 March 2017 21:36 PM - fsck process has been completed succesfully. We are starting the VPS's on the node now.  02 March 2017 22:01 PM - All the VPS's...

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Amazon SES Issues

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Due to issues with Amazon S3, our Amazon SES system which we use to send emails is not working at the moment. Please bare with us until this is resolved. More information:  https://status.aws.amazon.com/ Update 2:06 PM: We have switched to another SMTP provider for the time being. UPdate 6:50 PM: We have switched back to Amazon SES.

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Dallas Network

Thursday, January 26, 2017

26 January 2017, 11:55 -  We are investigating the issue within our Dallas network. Please do not open a ticket as this would slow us down at the moment. 26 January 2017, 12:02 - The issue is related to our upstreams from what we understand so far. 26 January 2017, 12:19 - Connectivity has returned. We're awaiting confirmation of stability from the datacenter. 

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seapure5 maintenance

Thursday, January 5, 2017

05 January 2017, 14:02 - The following maintenance is now in progress: Hello, You are receiving this message regarding work on our seapure5 server where you have active VPSDime service. Tomorrow, Thursday January 5 2017, at 10 AM PST (UTC-8), we will be installing additional memory modules in this host node. We will begin shutting down the server approximately 20 minutes in...

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Rebooting seapure2

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Due to soft lock up, we are rebooting seapure2. Your VPS should be online in the next 10 minutes. Update 14:49: All the VPS's are back online and responsive.

ukpure12 Emergency Maintenance

Thursday, December 8, 2016

08 December 2016, 10:53 -  The following notice was sent to affected clients: Hello, You are receiving this message regarding emergency work on our ukpure12 server where you have active VPSDime service. This evening, Thursday December 8 2016, at 9 PM UK time, we will be replacing memory modules in this server that have begin alerting that they are failing. We are scheduling this for...

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dalhighram4 outage

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

23 November 2016, 07:08 - we're investigating an outage of our dalhighram4 server now.  23 November 2016, 07:19 - host node had a kernel panic. Server has been rebooted and is back online and booting containers now.  23 November 2016, 07:40 - this has reoccurred, investigating further 23 November 2016, 08:09 - rebooted, all VMs except for two are back online. Yes, we know the node is...

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UK outage

Friday, November 4, 2016

04 November 2016, 10:21 - We're investigating an outage of our UK services. We will provide more information on this announcement as we have it.  04 November 2016, 10:27 - Network connectivity is back, awaiting confirmation from datacenter regarding stability and an RFO.  04 November 2016, 10:58 - Datacenter has confirmed a short network outage lasting ~10 minutes, and have applied a fix...

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Offloaded MySQL Service Interruption

Saturday, October 29, 2016

We are aware that PhpMyAdmin does not work on Offloaded MySQL service and are working on fixing it. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

seapure2 is rebooting

Monday, October 24, 2016

We are performing an emergency reboot on seapure2. VPS services will be going down for a few minutes. Update 17:59 PM: Server has powered on. Update  18:03 PM: Filesystem check is running. Update 18:05 PM: VPS containers are starting to boot. Update 18:10 PM: All VPS's are back online. You may encounter slowness for a few minutes.

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