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Nightly Backups (Premium VPS) - Additional Information

VPSDime backs up ALL premium virtual machines deployed on its infrastructure for free once every night.

A list of frequently asked questions about this service is shared below. If you would like information on something that isn't covered by this list, please raise a support ticket.


Q: How often is the backup performed?
A: Backups are performed once every night.


Q: How many days do you retain a copy of backup for?
A: 3 days


Q: How can we restore from the backups?
A: You will have to raise a ticket from the support area requesting it. At this stage, customers cannot download / restore the backups themselves.


Q: How granular can the restoration request be?
A: We can only restore the whole virtual machine as an atomic unit.


Q: Is there a limit to how many times restoration can be requested?
A: Yes, there is. A customer may request up to 3 times in a month, additional requests will be charged a one-time $10 restoration fee.


Q: I need something that your policies don't cover, what can I do?
A: Please raise a support ticket, we will provide a tailor-made backup strategy just for you.


Q: Should I depend on this backup as a guarantee of my data being intact?
A: Relying on any single backup for complete disaster recovery is usually thought of as a poor strategy. You should take your own backups as well. At least 3 backups of your important data is recommended. VPSDime is NOT responsible for any data loss.

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