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How to choose a strong root password?

1. Make it long

Generally longer the password, harder for hackers to guess it. If possible use passwords with at least 15 character long.

2. Avoid common substitutions

Password crackers are hip to the usual substitutions. Whether you use DOORBELL or D00R8377, the brute force attacker will crack it with equal ease.

3. Don’t use memorable keyboard paths

Much like the advice above not to use sequential letters and numbers, do not use sequential keyboard paths either (like qwerty, 123456, etc). These are among the first to be guessed.

4. Don't use names and surnames as password

All single names and surnames are in password crackers' dictionary and they check against these words at first to crack your password.

5. Use multiple words method

The best way to create memorizable passwords is using multiple words together. The following password is easily memorizable and it's fairly strong.


You can use a random word generator for this, such as our own at https://vpsdime.com/passwordgen.php

6. Don't add @123 to the end of a word

Adding @123 to the end of a common word doesn't turn a poor choice of a password into a good one. 

7. Use a password creator

If you are using a password manager then you can simply use it to generate strong passwords. Alternatively, you can use websites like https://pw.cekkent.net/ or you can use our own password generator here: https://vpsdime.com/passwordgen.php

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