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Can I add swap memory on Linux VPS?

Swap files or partitions are not supported on our Linux VPS plans.

All of our plans come with fully dedicated memory and your application/software would not need any swap memory to perform.

Swap memory is an old workaround tactic which was invented back when computer memory was expensive.

The main idea behind it is to use a portion of disk space as memory when your computer is out of memory. Disks are hundred times slower than random access memory.

On Virtuozzo 7 (The virtualzation technology we utilize for Linux VPS product line), swap memory will slow down your applications without any good reason by taking a portion of your actual fast memory and make it slower artificially.

If you really need more memory for your applications, then you could simply upgrade to the next plan.

To upgrade, simply go to your Client Area -> Services -> Details and click Upgrade/Downgrade tab to list all of our eligable plans.

Upgrades and downgrades will be instant and completely transparent to you without any reboots or downtime.

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