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Kubernetes support on VPSDime Services

Full-stack k8s Kubernetes is not supported on our Linux VPS plans, as with the OpenVZ 7 virtualization used by the Linux VPS plans this is putting a container inside a container, which is not supported by either OpenVZ 7 nor Kubernetes. 

We've noted that some customers are running k3s ( https://k3s.io/ ) on our Linux VPS plans, however as we do not use this ourselves, we do not know what it takes to run on our Linux VPS plans. You would need to reference k3s' usual documentation and/or community support (e.g. forums) for help with this if you encounter a problem.

Kubernetes is supported on our Premium VPS plans, as the Premium VPS plans are KVM virtualization, which is as close to a bare metal server as possible. We'd be happy to cancel your Linux VPS plan and credit its value towards a Premium VPS as a one-time courtesy if you need to run Kubernetes.

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