Network outage in Dallas Location

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We are aware of the network outage in Dallas at this time.

We are waiting on updates from our upstream provider. Please follow this announcement in the client area for updates.

There is no ETR at this time.

UPDATE - 05:41 PM CST - The outage has been resolved and all Dallas nodes are responsive at this time. We will have a RFO at a later date and time.

06 July 2016 | 06:02 PM - We had dampening from GTT for some of our ranges which is resolved now.

06 July 2016 | 06:04 PM - Everything should be back up, however you may have issues connecting to your VPS's from some locations due to BGP reconvergence. If you can't reach your VPS's IP, please check it again from a different location, or use a ping service like to see if it's really down. This issue should be resolved in the following minutes.

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