ukpure7 Maintenance

Monday, March 6, 2017

06 March 2017 14:40 PM - Due to an unexpected hardware issue with ukpure7 VPS node, we are going to perform emergency maintenance on it at 22:00 GMT today, around 1.25 hours from now.

Your VPS will be shut down at around 21:50 GMT to prepare the node for the maintenance. Your data and IP address will not change.

We expect the server to be back online in around 30 minutes after the maintenance begins.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this but unfortunately we have to perform this to avoid further performance degradation of the node.

06 March 2017 16:00 PM - The VPS node is now powered off and we are awaiting for the datacenter techs to perform the maintenance.

06 March 2017 16:16 PM - The maintenance was completed with success. The server is now booting back up.

06 March 2017 16:22 PM - All the VPS's are now online. You may face slowness for a few minutes before the server catches its breath.

07 March 2017 01:40 AM - The server had a kernel panic. We are working on it.

07 March 2017 02:06 AM - We have brought the server back online. The VPS's are booting now. With the data we have, we are suspecting a bad memory module causing this. We will be monitoring the node.

07 March 2017 02:17 AM - All the VPS's are back online now. We have detected errors on some memory modules on the server. We are coordinating with the datacenter technicans to get them replaced to avoid further kernel panics.

07 March 2017 02:23 AM - We just had another kernel panic at the moment.

07 March 2017 02:58 AM - We are awaiting an update from the datacenter staff. We are not booting the server back again to avoid further kernel panic incidents.

07 March 2017 04:20 AM - The memory sticks have been replaced but we still see the same errors on the same DIMM slots. It looks like the motherboard is actually the faulty one here.

07 March 2017 04:56 AM - The datacenter has notified us that they are going to replace the server keeping its SSDs in. This wasn't something we wanted because of its risks but due to communication issues, they have gone ahead with it and we are waiting for an update from them now.

07 March 2017 05:15 AM - The datacenter has assured us that it'd be safe to do it and it'd be the best way to rule out any hardware issues. So we are at the capable hands of theirs and we are waiting for an update.

07 March 2017 05:56 AM - The datacenter has notified us that the server is booted but the network is not up, yet. We are working on getting the networking up at the moment.

07 March 2017 06:16 AM - We were able to get the networking working and booted the containers and then we have faced another kernel panic. Once we compare the memory module serials, it turned out that the datacenter staff has misunderstood our request and replaced the wrong memory modules 4 hours ago. We are finally waiting for them to take the server down once again and replace the correct memory modules now. The confusion occured because the datacenter staff didn't pay enough attention to the memory locations when we worded them starting from 0 and instead they thought the numbers we were mentioning were starting from 1. Even though there was a paranthesis mentioning this, it was unfortunately overlooked.

07 March 2017 06:51 AM - Finally the correct bad memory modules were swapped and we confirmed that we do not see any more error messages now. We are booting VPS's up at the moment. Please allow a few minutes for the slowness to pass.

07 March 2017 07:07 AM - All the VPS's confirmed online. We continue to monitor the server. A RFO will be emailed to all affected customers.

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