lapure2 is having hardware issues

Friday, December 12, 2014

lapure2 is having network hardware issues. We are investigating.

Update 7:36 AM: No updates, yet.

Update 8:35 AM: Turns out the onboard network port was faulty. We are using the other port and network is now stable. The server is currently booting. Your VPS's should be online in the next 15 minutes.

Update 8:39 AM: We are still investigating the packet loss issue.

Update 9:17 AM: The issue is resolved.

Here is the RFO:

The issue started with a major packet loss on this node. We couldn't even get into the shell to check.

First, we have suspected a DDoS attack and alerted our datacenter. They told us that there was no attack.

Then we've gotten them to replace our cables as well as their cables to the top of the rack switch. This has not solved the problem.

Then we've gotten them to swap the network cable to the other ethernet port. Unfortunately, this has not solved the problem, either.

After eliminating the hardware issues, we have started to troubleshoot the issue (very slowly, due to the high load caused by the attack!) on the IPMI console further. And then we have realized that there was indeed an attack on one of the IPs which our DC failed to recognize.

We have nullrouted the target IP manually and the packet loss issue is gone.

Your VPS is currently up and running.

We are terribly sorry for the downtime this has caused you and we want to make it up to you. Please open a ticket to redeem $5 credit on your account for the trouble.

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