dalstorage3 kernel panic

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

We have faced yet another kernel panic on dalstorage3. The server is rebooting.

We are going to send a replacement for this server and migrate the data.

Update: The server is offline. We are working on a solution.

Update: The server was keep rebooting itself. We are thinking that this was due to half applied patches by Kernel care. The last kernel has been reinstalled to avoid this issue. We are hoping this would resolve the problems on this node.

Update: Unfortunately, this looks like an hardware issue. We are going to have to replace the mainboard and the memory of this server, since it can't stay online.

Update: We're still working through the situation. We're working to boot the system so that we can disable the VM filesystem, and then remove one of the hardware components that seems to be causing issues.

Update: We have replaced the motherboard, CPUs and the memory on the server. After doing fsck 3 times which took around 20 hours alone, the server has booted and is currently booting the VPS's.

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