Ongoing Migration for dalstorage2, dalstorage4

Thursday, January 7, 2016

dalstorage2 and dalstorage4 is under physical move phase now. We are working with the datacenters to get these back up ASAP. One of our admins is onsite.

Update 7:35 PM: Servers are unracked and put into the transportation device.

Update 7:46 PM: The IP subnets are moved to the new network.

Update 8:02 PM: Servers are at the new facility, waiting to be racked.

Update 11:12 PM: dalstorage4 is back online and VMs are booting up now.

Update 11:32 PM: All VMs of dalstorage4 are online and we are working on getting dalstorage2 up ASAP.

Update 11:57 PM: dalstorage2 is back up and VMs are booting now. Your VPS should be online in the following 15 minutes.

Update 00:09 AM: All VPS's on dalstorage2 is back up.

The migration is now done. If you are having any issues, please contact us.

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