Ongoing Migration in Dallas

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dallas servers are under ongoing migration now. We anticipate that they are back online in the following 2 hours or so.

If your VPS is in Dallas and offline now, please do not open a ticket as we know this already.

We have sent a notification about this last week:

Update 00:28 AM: All the servers are unracked and loaded on the moving vehicles and about to head out to the new datacenter.

Update 00:55 AM: All the servers are in the new facility and they are getting racked at the moment.

Update 01:42 AM: The servers are fully racked on the new racks.

Update 01:58 AM: The cabling process has started.

Update 03:11 AM: The servers have started coming back online. We are going through them at the moment.

Update 04:17 AM: Only 3 servers, dalpure5, dalpure7 and dalpure10 are down at the moment. We are working on them.

Update 04:28 AM: All nodes are up at the moment. Some of the IPs will need 10+ times pinging for them to work. We'll automate this in a few. You can do this yourself to save time if your IP doesn't ping.

Update 05:28 AM: Everything should be online at the moment. If you are having issues with your VPS, you may open a ticket now.

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