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Amsterdam Datacenter

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Our Amsterdam data center is a Tier 3 design with 100% uptime track record, guaranteeing high availability for your enterprise needs. The network redundant global backbone ensures the highest available bandwidth and near-zero latency to multiple destinations including Nikhef and Iron Mountain while combined with unique indirect adiabatic cooling configuration our Amsterdam data center achieves an extremely energy efficient facility that guarantees exceptional service quality along with its unmatched density per rack unit

The network is designed in a way that it never depends on a single point of failure. For example, the fiber paths are geologically separated and ensure business continuity at all times.

Brief Facility Datasheet

  • Location

    Industriestraat 53, 2671 in The Netherlands

  • Test IP

  • Certifications

    ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • Size

    536 data center racks

  • Carriers

    A blend of Tier 1 network providers and selectively chosen peering partners

  • Power

    2N infrastructure design

  • Support

    24/7 Critical building monitoring and management systems observed around the clock

  • Security

    Biometric access control, electric fences, video surveillance

  • Excellent Connectivity

    10 Tbit/s network redundant global backbone ensures the highest available bandwidth and uptime guarantees for enterprise needs.

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