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VPSDime Hardware

Enterprise grade hardware built by skilled hands

VPSDime has been providing clients with enterprise level hardware since our launch in 2013. We custom build all our hardware nodes which allows us to equip them with the newest and most efficient equipment for the ultimate customer experience.

Premium Juniper network routers and switches ensure you stay online at all times. All devices are in high-availability pairs, connected to redundant power with redundant uplinks. Junos operating system present on every Juniper device provides premium functionality, like uninterrupted routing and forwarding, with features such as nonstop active routing (NSR) and nonstop bridging (NSB), in addition to commit and rollback functionality that ensures error-free network configurations.

VPSDime uses Supermicro servers with Dual E5 CPU's with at least 384GB ECC memory per node. Write intensive Samsung, Intel and Sandisk enterprise SSDs in RAID10 config with Avago/LSI hardware. All the servers have redundant PSU's on A+B power feeds.

Our infrastructure powered by Dell uses high-quality enterprise-grade servers with dual CPUs and enterprise ECC memory in every host node. Write intensive Samsung, Intel and Sandisk enterprise SSDs in RAID10 arrays are powered by top-of-the-line Dell RAID controllers. Every server is connected with A+B power into redundant power supplies, fed by diverse feeds.

VPSDime offers enterprise SSD storage on all of our servers to provide consistent and high performance services. We employ the lowest latency enterprise SSD drives which we overprovision at 28% at the least. Whats more, all of them have capacitors to avoid data corruption in the unlikely event a kernel panic or power failure occurs. The storage infrastructure we use provides consistent low latency and high IOPS. Our RAID 10 setup allows for better performance, stability and redundancy, and no more bottlenecks with high read/write speeds.