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Affordable Windows VPS

Easy to manage, highly performant powered by Hyper-V

Key Features of Windows VPS

Full remote desktop access on Windows Server

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Easy to use and manage

Managing your Windows VPS is extremely easy. It's just like you use your regular Windows computer with a mouse and keyboard. Every task can be automated using very powerful Windows Powershell when needed.

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Your Remote Office

Windows VPS's can be used as a remote office computer. You could connect to it using Microsoft remote desktop and it will be always ready and waiting for you. We also provide HTML5 based remote console so you could even use it on your browser from anywhere.

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Powered by Hyper-V

We leverage Microsoft's award winning Hyper-V technology to keep everything integrated in the Windows kernel. This ensures a rock stable service and reduces overhead for an enhanced user experience around the clock.

Deploy Your Windows VPS in Minutes

Carefully built high performance hardware integrated with our in-house automation provides you the best possible Windows VPS experience in the industry. Always available, always performant, always affordable.

CPU Core RAM Storage Transfer Uplink Price  
Intel® Xeon® E5 2 CPU 6GB ECC 50GB SSD 4TB 10Gbps $15.00/mo
Intel® Xeon® E5 4 CPU 8GB ECC 100GB SSD 8TB 10Gbps $20.00/mo
Intel® Xeon® E5 6 CPU 16GB ECC 200GB SSD 16TB 10Gbps $40.00/mo
Intel® Xeon® E5 8 CPU 32GB ECC 400GB SSD 32TB 10Gbps $80.00/mo
Intel® Xeon® E5 12 CPU 64GB ECC 800GB SSD 64TB 10Gbps $160.00/mo
Intel® Xeon® E5 16 CPU 128GB ECC 1600GB SSD 128TB 10Gbps $320.00/mo

Our Locations

VPSDime provides 5 geographically diverse locations allowing you to
host your application across 2 different continents.

Our Locations

VPSDime provides 5 geographically diverse locations allowing you to
host your application across 2 different continents.

Dallas, United States
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Seattle, United States
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New Jersey, United States
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Los Angeles, United States
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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London, United Kingdom
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Easy to Manage

Our custom control panel makes managing your VPS a breeze.

Common Features of VPSDime Services

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99.99% Power &
Network SLA

If we fail to deliver, you will be compensated with credit for the time that service was unavailable.

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Sub 15 minute
Support Response

With our quick response time, we know that you will always be satisfied with the results of the customer support team.

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Enterprise-grade SSDs

We only use solid state drives with write-intensive enterprise grade storage for the best performance and latency.

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72 Hour Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason, contact us and we will refund your payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Windows VPS
Have another question? Simply contact us at

What is Windows VPS?

Windows VPS offers you all the benefits of a dedicated server with Windows operating system without having to pay thousands of dollars for one. It's completely private to you and gives you full Administrator access. You could manage it by using Microsoft Remote Desktop on any computer or smart phone anywhere in the world.

Can I connect to my Windows VPS using Remote Desktop?

Sure, once your VPS is provisioned, our system emails you with the dedicated IP address assigned to your VPS and then you could connect to your VPS using Microsoft Remote Desktop or alternative applications at Administrator level.

What virtualization technology do you use?

VPSDime uses Microsoft's own Hyper-V virtualization technology platform.

How long does the VPS provisioning take?

We want to ensure that your first order with us is as smooth as possible, which means we will manually screen every order placed. This may take up to 15 minutes and you can expect a short delay before receiving access information.

What are the advantages of using Hyper-V?

Hyper-V is deeply integrated with Windows Server. This provides excellent stability and reduces the virtualization overhead. As a microkernelized hypervisor, Hyper-V uses the individual virtual machines to run device drivers. This means that each VPS has its own unique set of devices (and corresponding driver) which allows for better performance because there isn't any unnecessary reliance on other components in order to function properly.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Windows VPS?

Scaling up and down Windows VPS is very easy and fast. You could place an order for an upgrade or downgrade on your client area. There will be a very small amount of downtime for the upgrades and downgrades.

Are the resources dedicated to my VPS?

Memory and disk space are completely dedicated to your VPS. Our VPS provides an absolute bang for your buck because we pass along the savings from using a shared CPU to our customers. Our in-house fully automated monitoring systems ensure that no disturbances will ever occur, so you'll have all of the power when required - guaranteed!

Which Windows versions are available?

Windows VPS's arrive with Windows Server 2019 Datacenter edition installed.

Can I reinstall my VPS's operating system?

Of course, you could do it any time on your client area. The process takes only a few minutes.

What kind of technical support do you provide?

Our service is self-managed. However being self-managed doesn't necessarily mean that you are left alone. We offer support to help our customers with their issues, and we will always point them in the right direction if they need something more than just answering questions or troubleshooting small problems.

Do you backup my VPS?

Windows VPS's do not come with backup support by default. You can purchase a Nightly Backup addon for $5/month, which is only necessary if you want your VPS to be backed up nightly with 3 days retention.

Is my VPS DDoS protected?

We handle small to medium attacks, but larger ones require automated null-routing to avoid disturbance for our other customers. We recommend Cloudflare for DDoS protection on your website.

How secure is Windows VPS?

We take industry standard precautions with our host nodes, and you get full Administrator access to your VPS to implement additional security in your VPS as desired.

A good word from our customers

I've been using VPSDime's high memory VPSes for 4 years now as my main hosting solution and couldn't be happier.

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I love VPSDime. Brilliant value for money. 100% top notch support and customer service. Used them for 2 years now with no problems.

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