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VPSDime is committed to offering a wide range of versatile products at
an highly affordable price point.

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Linux VPS

Run your applications without compromising on quality or support. Offers gobs of resources at a highly affordable price point.

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Windows VPS

Powered by Microsoft Hyper-V. Convenient and easy to manage by remote desktop. Perfect for development and production.

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Premium VPS

Designed to run enterprise applications with incredible performance, reliability and speed. All resources are fully dedicated.

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Storage VPS

High-storage servers intended for backup use that you can rely on. Allows architecting your very own backup strategy using any software desired.

Linux VPS Premium VPS Windows VPS Storage VPS
Virtualization Technology Virtuozzo KVM Hyper-V Virtuozzo
Full Root Access
Host Websites & Applications
Kernel Manipulation
Docker & ServerPilot Support
Dedicated RAM & Storage
Dedicated CPU
Load Average Limitation
Solid State Drive Storage Enterprise (Mixed Use) Enterprise (Write Int.) Enterprise (Mixed Use) HDD
Free Nightly Backups Paid Paid N/A
Linux Support Windows Only
BSD Support Windows Only
Windows Support
Port Speed 1 or 10Gbps 1 or 10Gbps 1 or 10Gbps 1 or 10Gbps
RAID Protected
Enterprise Grade Hardware
Self Managed Service
DDOS Protection
No Overselling
24/7 Technical Support
Starting from: $7.00/mo $20.00/mo $15.00/mo $40.00/yr