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Linux Virtual Private Servers

High Memory VPS Solutions At An Affordable Price.

Key Features of Linux VPS

Excellent value for your money.

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Great for Most Workloads

Whether you are an established enterprise, independent contractor or a small start-up, our Linux VPS will handle every task you throw at it without breaking a sweat. It's a virtualized environment that comes with full root access.

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Best Bang for Your Buck

Our Linux VPS product is designed with the highest performance to cost ratio in the market. It's a workhorse with a cost of a cup of coffee a month. Its abilities are limited only by your imagination.

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You can start with our cheapest plan and then upgrade to a higher plan without a second of downtime. Scale from 6GB memory to 288GB memory with a few mouse clicks or the other way around. All the upgrades/downgrades are completely transparent to you.

Deploy Your Linux VPS in Minutes

What makes our Linux VPS services stand out from the rest of the competition is our very generous RAM allocations coupled with lightning fast enterprise SSD storage on every plan, enabling you to run resource-demanding applications at a perfectly affordable price point, coupled with responsive support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CPU Core RAM Storage Transfer Uplink Price  
Intel® Xeon® E5 4 CPU 6GB ECC 30GB SSD 2TB 10Gbps $7.00/mo
Intel® Xeon® E5 4 CPU 12GB ECC 60GB SSD 4TB 10Gbps $14.00/mo
Intel® Xeon® E5 4 CPU 18GB ECC 90GB SSD 6TB 10Gbps $21.00/mo
Intel® Xeon® E5 4 CPU 24GB ECC 120GB SSD 8TB 10Gbps $28.00/mo
Intel® Xeon® E5 4 CPU 30GB ECC 150GB SSD 10TB 10Gbps $35.00/mo
Intel® Xeon® E5 4 CPU 36GB ECC 180GB SSD 12TB 10Gbps $42.00/mo
Intel® Xeon® E5 4 CPU 72GB ECC 360GB SSD 24TB 10Gbps $84.00/mo

Deploy your VPS with any of these available distributions

Save time by building on the OS that suits your needs.

  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Alma Linux
  • Rocky Linux

Our Locations

VPSDime provides 5 geographically diverse locations allowing you to
host your application across 2 different continents.

Our Locations

VPSDime provides 5 geographically diverse locations allowing you to
host your application across 2 different continents.

Dallas, United States
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Seattle, United States
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New Jersey, United States
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Los Angeles, United States
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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London, United Kingdom
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Valuable Addon Features

You'll be impressed with our offerings.

  • Offloaded MySQL Icon

    Offloaded MySQL

    For a $20 one time fee, we provide access to our high-performance Offloaded MySQL services, managed in your client area.

  • DNS Hosting Icon

    Free DNS Hosting

    Ability to use any domain, from any domain registrar. Manageable directly from our client panel for ease of use.

  • Nightly Backups Icon

    Nightly Backups

    For just $5 per month, your server can be backed up by our nightly automated backup system. Your backups will have a 3 day retention period.

  • Remote Desktop Setup Icon

    Remote Desktop Setup

    For a $20 one time fee, we can install a remote desktop where we install a window manager from a selection of popular choices.

  • Varnish Setup Icon

    Varnish Setup

    For a $20 one time fee, we will install and configure Varnish caching server on your services for improved performance and responsiveness.

  • FTP Server Setup Icon

    FTP Server Setup

    For a $10 one time fee, we will install and configure an FTP server to enable you to easily transfer files.

  • Server Management Icon

    Server Management

    For $10 per 10 minutes, our highly skilled technicians can perform management tasks on your server at your request.

  • cPanel Hardening Addon Icon

    cPanel Hardening

    For a $25 one time fee, we will harden your cPanel installation's security by setting up a firewall and tweaking common settings.

Easy to Manage

Our easy-to-use custom control panel helps you manage your VPS easily

Common Features of VPSDime Services

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99.99% Power &
Network SLA

If we fail to deliver, we’ll credit you for the amount of time that service was unavailable.

Insanely Fast Support Icon

Sub 15 minute
Support Response

We pride ourselves with the speediness of our customer support department.

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Enterprise-grade SSDs

We only use write invensive enterprise-grade solid state drives for stable performance and latency.

72 Hours Money Back Guarantee Icon

72 Hour Money Back Guarantee

Should you not satisfied for any reason, you can contact us to get your payment refunded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Linux VPS are below.
Have another question? Simply contact us at

What is Linux VPS in a nut-shell?

Linux VPS is a virtualized container designed to simulate a dedicated server. It's completely private to you and gives you full root access. You interact with it just like you interact with a physical computer with Linux operating system installed on.

How can I connect to my Linux VPS?

Linux VPS's arrive with OpenSSH pre-installed. You could connect to your VPS using industry standard SSH console. Alternatively, you could install a desktop environment such as xFCE or Gnome and connect using remote desktop.

What virtualization technology do you use?

Virtuozzo / OpenVZ 7 is used for the backend virtualization technology for our Linux VPS line. By utilizing this technology, we are able to provide you with real bare metal like performance with no virtualization overhead.

How long does the VPS provisioning take?

If it's your first order with us, then there is going to be a 10-15 minute delay while we manually screen your order.

What are the advantages of using Virtuozzo / OpenVZ 7?

With Virtuozzo the kernel is not virtualized. This gives you ability upgrading and downgrading your VPS on the fly without a single second of downtime. Also since there is no virtualization overhead on the kernel layer, you feel the power of the hardware underneath the fullest.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Linux VPS easily?

Scaling up and down Linux VPS is very simple and transparent to the eye. It happens without interruption so you could enjoy downtime free upgrades and downgrades.

Are the resources dedicated to my VPS?

Memory and disk space are completely dedicated to your VPS. CPU power is, however, shared with other VPS's on the host node. As our in-house fully automated monitoring systems consistently taking care of any disturbances, you always have all the power you need when required. Providing shared CPU is helping us passing the savings to our customers and therefore providing an absolute bang for your buck.

How is Linux VPS so cheap?

We own our racks and all of our hardware. Our compute nodes are built for very high capacity coupled with our in-house optimization software to handle high number of VPS without breaking a sweat. All the software we use for virtualization is also built in-house. All of this keeps our running costs at minimum and helps us providing an excellent value to our customers.

Which Linux distros can I use with my VPS?

You could use Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Alma Linux or Rocky Linux with your Linux VPS.

Can I reinstall my VPS's operating system?

Of course, you could reinstall your Linux distro on your client area with a few simple clicks. It will only take a few seconds before your VPS is ready for you again.

What kind of technical support do you provide?

Our service is self-managed. This means that our customers are responsible for managing their own VPS's. However, it doesn't mean that you are left alone. Our technicians are always available to reply your questions within minutes and help you in a best effort basis. We are not going to manage everything for you but we are going to help you resolve your issues and will always point you to the right direction.

Do you backup my VPS?

By default, Linux VPS's are not backed up. However, you could purchase a Nightly Backup addon which costs only $5/month to have your VPS backed up nightly with 3 days retention.

Is my VPS DDoS protected?

Our network is able to handle small to medium attacks and for larger attacks, we have automated null-routing system. We recommend using Cloudflare for your website for DDoS protection.

What are the differences between Linux VPS and Premium VPS?

Linux VPS's are great for almost any use case, however if you are looking to use your own kernel or ability to utilize all of the CPU resources at all times without any interruption, then Premium VPS is recommended.

Can I run Docker on Linux VPS?

Sure, Docker is fully supported on our Linux VPS plans. Swarm and Kubernetes might need some tweaking.

Do you support NFS, FUSE, TUN/TAP, GRE?

Linux VPS comes all of these features enabled out of the box. It supports all the VPN software as well.

Do you offer IPv6?

IPv6 is offered multiple locations for our Linux VPS line. Please contact us to inquire more about this.

A good word from our customers

VPSDime shows they truly care about their clients by helping in any way they can. I am continuously impressed by their service and uptime, and recommend them to everyone I know looking for a VPS solution.

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An excellent service, fast servers, cheap, fast and kind support. I love this company.

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