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Security. Handled professionally

At VPSDime in every decision we make, in every action we take, security is always at the heart and forefront of our minds. We employ the best and recommended industry practices and ensure that we are always up-to date. Security is not a product in itself, but a never ending process and that is why we work 24/7 around the clock to ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality of our services.

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    Physical Security

    All our data centers employ the best security practices including card-key access to our facilities.

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    Account Security

    Our security analysts work around the clock to monitor suspicious account activity.

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    Network Security

    We employ a wide range of methods to protect the underlying network infrastructure from unauthorized access.

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    Server Security

    Our server infrastructure is built with enhanced security considerations in mind to protect you and your customers.

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    Application Security

    Controlling what applications can and can't do and looking out for instant threats and attacks.