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I've been suspended because of high load average. What can I do?

If your load average goes up to excessive values such as 40+, your VPS will be automatically suspended to protect our environment.

Your VPS may also get suspended if you violate the load average rules that are defined in our TOS constantly.

You are responsible for your VPSs CPU and IO usage and you should always monitor them.

Our high load detection system will email you when your VPS gets restarted by violating a load average rule. After that point, you should start trying to reduce your load average by using memory caching.

For high traffic websites, we suggest Varnish. It can do wonders.

If you are sure that you can get your load average under control, please simply open a ticket and let us know what measures you are going to take to avoid the situation.

An additional alternative would be to purchase our Premium VPS line, which does not have load limits imposed.

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