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Past Incidents


dalpure6 is being rebooted

Posted at: 1st April 2016 - 05:42

Due to soft lock ups, we are rebooting dalpure6. Please wait till your VPS comes back online.

Update 05:46 AM: The VPS's are booting back up. Everything should come back up in the following 10 minutes.

Update 05:55 AM: Everything is back up.

ukpure11 connectivity issue

Posted at: 31st March 2016 - 08:17

31 March 2016 | 08:17 AM - we are investigating a connectivity issue with our ukpure11 server. 

31 March 2016 | 08:54 AM - we rectified this situation by rebooting the server to clear the load lock. The server is back online and VMs are booting now. Your VM should be online soon if it is not already. 

31 March 2016 | 09:16 AM - the datacenter rebooted the host node again, despite our ticket update asking them to not do so. This appars to have caused some filesystem issues, so a fsck is running now. VMs will be booting as soon as the fsck is complete. 
31 March 2016 | 09:24 AM - fsck has now completed and containers are booting. Yours should be online soon. Please note that if yours is not yet online, there's nothing we can do to make it "boot faster". Your patience is appreciated. 

31 March 2016 | 09:42 AM - all VMs are back online. 

High packet loss for Dallas storage services

Posted at: 21st March 2016 - 17:15

21 March 2016 | 17:15 PM - Acknowledging high packet loss for Dallas storage services as of a few minutes ago, currently investigating. 

21 March 2016 | 17:31 PM - This has been rectified and all services are back online. 

daldb migration in progress now

Posted at: 19th March 2016 - 21:34

19 March 2016 | 21:34 PM - Further to the email you received, the daldb migration is in progress now, slightly past schedule. Our apologies for the delay. For your reference here is the email we sent you:

19 March 2016 | 22:18 PM - The transfer continues to be in progress. 

19 March 2016 | 22:52 PM - We are expecting another 30 mins of downtime.

19 March 2016 | 23:41 PM - Migration is about 3/4 completed. We apologize for the lengthy amount of time this is taking.

19 March 2016 | 23:59 PM - We are almost there.

20 March 2016 | 00:34 AM - The databases are migrated to the new server. You should have no issues connecting to your databases at the moment. We are working on getting the client area phpmyadmin up.

20 March 2016 | 01:27 AM - Everything is working again on the new server.


dalpure10 is rebooting

Posted at: 12th March 2016 - 12:12

There is an issue requiring the reboot of this now. Vms will be going down for a few minutes

Update: VMs should now be coming back online

We are rebooting seapure2

Posted at: 1st March 2016 - 21:45

seapure2 has faced a kernel panic. We are rebooting it now. Your VPS should be online in the following 10 minutes.

Upgrading uplink - servers node1ssd, node2ssd, node3ssd

Posted at: 23rd February 2016 - 10:34

23 February 2016 | 10:34 AM - We're upgrading the network uplinks on our node1ssd, node2ssd, node3ssd servers. You may experience 2-3 minutes network interruption as this occurs. We don't anticipate any other issues with the work. We'll update this announcement when complete. 

23 February 2016 | 11:15 AM - This work is now complete. 

dalpure10 offline

Posted at: 14th February 2016 - 07:43

We are currently looking into an issue on dalpure10 and You might not be able to connect to your VM for a while. We will let you know when we have more information.

Downtime for node1ssd, node2ssd, node3ssd and daldb

Posted at: 11th February 2016 - 12:42

Currently the node1ssd, node2ssd, node3ssd and daldb servers are offline, which includes the Offloaded MySQL server.

We contacted the upstream provider and they are looking into this now.

We'll update the announcement when we have more information about this.

Server move for small yearly products

Posted at: 12th January 2016 - 23:19

Currently, our DC is moving dalyearly servers that are hosting our LET512MBSSD products to the new building. Unfortunately, we have been given a notice about this around 40 minutes ago. That's why we couldn't have notified you beforehand. We are sorry for the inconveneince.

We are expecting a realistic 3 hour downtime for this move.

Update: 01:02 AM: The move is completed. Your VPS should be online now. Please open a ticket in your client area if you are having problems with it.

node1ssd and node3ssd are getting rebooted for kernel upgrade

Posted at: 12th January 2016 - 09:16

We are rebooting node1ssd and node3ssd for kernel upgrade. Your VPS should be online in the following 10 minutes.

Update 09:32 AM: node1ssd is rebooted and it's currenting booting the containers. Your VPS should be online very soon. We are working on node3ssd now.

Update 09:47 AM: node3ssd is rebooted as well and it's booting the VPS's. Your VPS should be online soon.

The work is done here. Please wait at least 10 minutes before opening a ticket about your VPS.

dalwest4 Urgent Maintenance

Posted at: 9th January 2016 - 22:13

As dalwest4 has been rebooted 2 times in the last 48 hours due to kernel panics, we have investigated the issue and found out that there is a faulty card causing this.

We have taken down dalwest4 to replace a faulty card to avoid future unstability. This should come back up soon.

Update 10:32 PM: The VPS's are back online. We are going to monitor as always for stability.

Ongoing Migration in Dallas

Posted at: 7th January 2016 - 23:40

Dallas servers are under ongoing migration now. We anticipate that they are back online in the following 2 hours or so.

If your VPS is in Dallas and offline now, please do not open a ticket as we know this already.

We have sent a notification about this last week:

Update 00:28 AM: All the servers are unracked and loaded on the moving vehicles and about to head out to the new datacenter.

Update 00:55 AM: All the servers are in the new facility and they are getting racked at the moment.

Update 01:42 AM: The servers are fully racked on the new racks.

Update 01:58 AM: The cabling process has started.

Update 03:11 AM: The servers have started coming back online. We are going through them at the moment.

Update 04:17 AM: Only 3 servers, dalpure5, dalpure7 and dalpure10 are down at the moment. We are working on them.

Update 04:28 AM: All nodes are up at the moment. Some of the IPs will need 10+ times pinging for them to work. We'll automate this in a few. You can do this yourself to save time if your IP doesn't ping.

Update 05:28 AM: Everything should be online at the moment. If you are having issues with your VPS, you may open a ticket now.


Ongoing Migration for dalstorage2, dalstorage4

Posted at: 7th January 2016 - 17:48

dalstorage2 and dalstorage4 is under physical move phase now. We are working with the datacenters to get these back up ASAP. One of our admins is onsite.

Update 7:35 PM: Servers are unracked and put into the transportation device.

Update 7:46 PM: The IP subnets are moved to the new network.

Update 8:02 PM: Servers are at the new facility, waiting to be racked.

Update 11:12 PM: dalstorage4 is back online and VMs are booting up now.

Update 11:32 PM: All VMs of dalstorage4 are online and we are working on getting dalstorage2 up ASAP.

Update 11:57 PM: dalstorage2 is back up and VMs are booting now. Your VPS should be online in the following 15 minutes.

Update 00:09 AM: All VPS's on dalstorage2 is back up.

The migration is now done. If you are having any issues, please contact us.

node1ssd, node2ssd, node3ssd, daldb, and dalpremium1 are in on-going migration now

Posted at: 6th January 2016 - 23:15

We are aware that node1ssd, node2ssd, node3ssd, daldb (Offloaded MySQL Server), dalpremium1 (Premium VPS) are down at the moment in Dallas. Our datacenter is currently moving them to the new datacenter facility.

We will update this announcement through the process.

Other servers are going to be moved at the planned time frame. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication with the datacenter, these 4 servers are being moved today. We are sorry for the inconveneince.

Update 01:43 AM: Unfortunately, we don't have any data about the progress at the moment. We are going to update this announcement as soon as we know more.

Update 01:51 AM: We have been informed that the DC staff is working hard on the move and they are doing everything they can in their power to get us back online as soon as possible.

Update 02:50 AM: Unfortunately, we don't have any new info about the situation.

Update 04:16 AM: Unfortunately, no news about this. We are still waiting for the servers back online.

Update 05:29 AM: We have received an information from the DC that the servers should be back up in the next 60 minutes.

Update 06:03 AM: node1ssd, node2ssd and node3ssd are back online now. Your VPS should come back online soon if not already. We are working on getting daldb (Offloaded MySQL Server) back online ASAP.

Update 08:44 AM: dalpremium1 is back online as well. We are currently working on getting daldb online ASAP.

Update 09:32 AM: daldb (Offloaded MySQL Server) is back online as well. This means all the migrated servers are back online. If you have any troubles, please contact us by opening a ticket.

We are very sorry for all the inconvenience this migration caused to you. We thank you for your understanding.

dalpure6 rebooting

Posted at: 28th December 2015 - 14:31

12/28/2015 14:31 - We are rebooting the dalpure6 server to clear a soft lockup condition. We'll update this when the node is back online.

12/28/2015 14:37 - Server is back online and booting VMs serially. If you do not want to wait for it to boot, you can log into the client area and click the "Boot" button ONCE and your VM will boot as soon as it can.

Dallas Datacenter Migration

Posted at: 23rd December 2015 - 18:48

Our datacenter has notified us that they are going to migrate our racks to their new datacenter in Dallas between 4th January 2016 and 16th January 2016.

We do not have an exact date for this migration to happen at this time. Once we know more, we will promptly update you.

We will make sure to have things migrated as quickly as possible without complications. There would be an at most 1 hour downtime because of this migration. The migration will most likely be done at US Central night time.

The new datacenter is only a few miles away and in the same city. One of our admins will be on site during the migration to keep an eye on things. So we expect things will go smoothly.

Please note that there won't be an IP change. You'll just notice a downtime while we take the servers down and move them physically to the new racks in the new datacenter.

With this migration, we are expecting to grow faster as a result of bigger footprint and better connectivity with private peering with providers such as Cloudflare, Akamai, Google, AWS, Facebook, Netflix, etc.

Please prepare your applications for this downtime and make sure to backup your important data before the migration just in case.


We are having a network issue

Posted at: 21st December 2015 - 21:15

If your IP is within, your VPS is offline at the moment. We are fixing this now.

Update 21:17: This is fixed.

Ongoing maintenance on dalwest3 and dalstorage2

Posted at: 12th December 2015 - 15:29

We are currently upgrading dalwest3 and dalstorage2 hardware to resolve redundancy issues. Your VPS will be back up in the next 25 minutes.

Update 14:54: dalwest3's containers are booting up now.

Update 17:09: dalstorage2 just got powered off and is having HW replacement.

Update 17:25: dalstorage2 is back online and containers are booting up.

dalstorage4 offline

Posted at: 30th November 2015 - 09:46

11/30/2015 09:46: We're acknowledging an outage of this server, and have engaged the DC technicians to help us get it back online. We will update this as we have more information.

11/30/2015 10:14: The server is back online and running through a filesystem check now. It will begin booting VMs once this is complete.

11/30/2015 12:19: Server is back online and booting VMs now.

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